we like to keep things simple

Technology in the modern home is evolving more rapidly than ever, creating enormous possibilities. However, this can lead to systems that are complicated. Too complicated.

We want to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant, both in its form and in its function. Reduced to its essence and improving the comfort of the modern home.


more than just a thermostat

At first look, Deseo is a beautiful intelligent thermostat. But in fact, Deseo is much more than just a thermostat.

Discreet and minimalistic, Deseo offers a simple and innovative user interface. Highly sensitive touch sensors allow you to navigate through all the functions in a room. Lights, scenes, shutters and blinds, even the multi-room audio system can be controlled at the slightest touch.


the light switch reinvented

Sentido is very simple, yet very innovative. The entire switch is touch-sensitive, creating a very easy and unique way of control.

Every surface controls different functions, but touching more than one surface at the same time turns on and off all the lights in a room using a scene. This multi-touch function makes light control highly intuitive and user friendly.

The internal temperature sensor reports discretely the room temperature to the home automation system while the integrated thermostat logic controls the heating and air-conditioning of the room.

The multicolour LED backlight can be used for status feedback or simply to light up Sentido in the dark.


luxury and craftsmanship

Inspired by Italian design of the late fifties, Enzo combines retro with luxury based on craftsmanship and high quality materials. The fine rounded border is made of polished aluminium while the inlay can be leather or glass.

Despite its retro look, Enzo uses the latest technology and features highly sensitive touch sensors, multi-touch capability and temperature control.


stylistic and architectural

Mona is a sensually designed light switch with a finely drawn geometric stylistic language. Harmoniously it seems to melt into the wall. With its simple, architectural shape it goes with any style.

Mona features a touch-sensitive surface allowing comfortable and elegant handling. In switched-off position, the internal LED illuminates the light switch with a softly shimmering ring.


only the slightest touch

As a single function switch, Tacto switches or dims lights, controls scenes and blinds at only the slightest touch. The entire surface is sensitive to touch creating an amazing user experience.

Intelligent functions allow scene selection and the control of RGB lights in a simple and intuitive way.

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