236 luxurious, fully finished
apartments in the highest standard

We focus on state-of-the-art technology, so that our user interface used in Cosmopolitan apartments is as comfortable as possible, and allows users to easily control complex processes from anyplace at anytime.

Residents can control various devices, such as air conditioning, lighting and blinds using keypads and mobile devices with wireless connection. Keypads, digital „intelligent” switches, distributed through apartment can be configured in multiple ways, assigning various functions.

Sentido Switches

Control by touch

Using Sentido you can manage a variety of functions chosen by you, such as lighting (RGB included), blinds and heating. The simplicity of control is achieved by lack of complicated menus and large numbers of buttons. Sentido Sentido provides you with 4 buttons, each responsible for one function. Operation is easy and quick to learn. Try it!

The switch has a multitouch function, which allows you to set additional functions. Most often multitouch is set as lighting control. Thanks to that you won’t have to change your habits and will be able to easily control the lights. It’s also convenient for your guests - they will feel familiar with the switches.

OLED display

Control any device you wish!

Thanks to the OLED display you can have control over even more devices and rooms (like kitchen, dining room and living room). In just a few seconds you can turn on the lighting, change the temperature or manage music (optional) in the room you choose. Deseo is a switch made for inteligent apartment control. It has 4 switches and simple menu, which allow for easy and intuitive operation.

Sensor support multitouch, which allows for even more functions. Most often though multitouch is used to control the lights. Thanks to that you won’t have to change your habits and will be able to easily control the lights.

Multitouch is used to switch lighting on and off. Touching both buttons activates LIGHT scene, touching them again activates DARK scene.

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